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Episode One

August 26, 2019
Hi I'm Steve and this is South West Medical Marijuana Grow.

In this show I talk about Topping, Fimming, Low Stress Training and Super Cropping.
Topping plants makes them bushier. We have to wait until they are old enough.. After the third set of leaves is good. When we top the plant there it will grow two branches.
The term, Fimming, came from F I Missed. At one location where I Fimmed a plant it grew three buds instead of one. Some online experts state that it should grow four.
Low Stress Training
A plant that has been topped many times will be very bushy by the time it is 7 months old, but the vegetation will also be dense. LST will open the interior of the plant up to get more light to more of the plant. Carefully bend the branches down and tie off at the top of the pot. Wire, string or tape will work for this.
You may begin LST when the plant is very young. The plant will recover quickly and begin growing up again. By repeating the process you can spread the plant out over a large area. another technique (not mentioned in the video} is ScrOG (Screen Of Green}. This technique uses a 4"x4" fencing screen to attach the plants branches at the same level from the light.
Marijuana plants are very resilient. (weeds) They will recover from almost anything, including a broken branch. (Note: high stress can cause a female to become hermaphroditic.)
One month after Low Stress Training the plants are beginning flowering phase, and are full of immature buds.
Super Cropping
While working on LST an Amnesia Haze Auto flowering plant I accidentally Super Cropped it. The damaged plant heals itself, forming a knuckle which increases nutrient flow to the buds. From a combination of Topping, LST and Super Cropping this little Auto flower plant produced some good sized buds.
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